Catalog Websites

[ Hofit ]
Catalog website design and development for Hofit LTD, one of the biggest manufacturers in the area for manholes, control chambers, and other plastic products for the industrial usage. The website is a multilingual site with four different languages.
[ A.R.I ]
Catalog website design and development for A.R.I. With over 40 years of industry experience, commitment to service, reliability and innovation, A.R.I. Flow control Accessories LTD is a leading manufacturer and provider of solutions for the protection of liquid transmission systems worldwide.
[ Habonim ]
Catalog website development for Habonim. The company provide the best professional solutions for the most demanding industries, including oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and mining. the website is multilingual and consists of many products, knowledge base and a sizing tool which services for planing systems.
[ Tosaf ]
Catalog website development for Tosaf. For over three decades, Tosaf has been developing and manufacturing high quality additives, compounds and color masterbatches for the plastics industry. The website consists of product catalog along with information regarding the different solutions the company provides.
[ ROM ]
Catalog website design and development for ROM, the biggest company in Israel for safe and efficient solutions to working at height. The website provides extensive information about the company and it's products and services. In addition, the website includes a special development for easily locating and selecting the product most suitable for the client's needs based on work height.
[ WFI ]
Catalog website development for Weisman Friedman, a manufacturer of plastic industrial usage pipes. Its main business is manufacturing and marketing various products in the field of electricity and infrastructure. The multilingual website consists of a catalog with detailed information regarding the various products which the company offers.
[ A.R.I ]
Catalog website development for Plazit Polygal. Plazit-Polygal is a pioneer and world leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of thermoplastic sheets and profiles. The multilingual website consists of a catalog of products along with extensive information regarding the company's services. The website includes a download center as well.
[ Eltam Ein Hashofet ]
Catalog website development for Eltam Eit Hashofet. Elatam Ein Hashofet is the largest and leading company in Israel in the manufacture and marketing of lighting components and accessories. The website consists of products catalog with an option to create a wish list and download it as PDF, projects section and more.
[ East and West ]
Catalog website design and development for East and West. East and West offers products for those who traveled to the East and want to recreate the authentic tastes and flavors from their travels, for cooking enthusiasts who want to experiment with different styles of food, and for those who have realized that Asian home cooking is simple, fast and more cost-saving than a restaurant meal.
[ Romidan ]
Catalog website design and development for Romidan. Romidan Ltd has been developing. manufacturing, marketing and exporting high quelity Dental Products Since 1998. The website consists of a vast catalog which allows orders of products by registered distributes worldwide.
[ A.R.I ]
Catalog website design and development for Messilot. Wire Rope Works Messilot Ltd. was established in 1961 as the first wire rope manufacturing plant in Israel. Since then, the company expanded it's market beyond Israel and have accrued a lot of experience exporting our products, especially elevator ropes, to various industrialized nations.
[ Zriha ]
Catalog website design and development for Zriha Group. Zriha group provides a wide verity of products and services for industrial company's. The website includes 5 different designs and domains, one for the main group and 4 for each of it's sub companies. In addition, the entire website was built as a multilingual platform bringing us to a total of 10 websites all together.
[ Shekel ]
Catalog website design and development for Shekel. Shekel Scales Ltd. is an industry leader in the global weighing field. The company have the ability to deliver complex, high-precision weighing solutions for retail, industrial and medical industries.
[ BHI ]
Catalog website design and development for BHI. BHI is an Innovative, Professional and Dynamic Dental Implant Manufacturer that strives itself on producing Dental Implants at the forefront of the dental market. The website includes a hidden section for registered distributes to make online orders.
[ Kaya Cameras ]
Catalog website design and development for Kaya Cameras. The website comprised of several sections separated by product type and use. It was designed to show the complexity and high quality of the products while providing details regarding each and every product in a clean and easy way.

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